Cigarette Smoke Harmful To Pets

Cigarette Smoke Harmful To Pets
A new research have found that passive smoking does not only affect humans but also to pets. According to a study conducted by scientists at the University of Glasgow, the pets which exposed to secondhand smoke as the passive smokers are more likely to developed a health problems than the pets which are at home where no one is smoking. The health problems can include cancer, damage to the cells and body weight on the pets.

In the study, researchers found that the cat is at risk due to being passive smoking. In fact, the researchers claim that dogs that have been neutered also has the potential to gain weight while living with a smoker.

"Our findings suggest that exposure to smoking in the home has a direct impact on pets," said Clare Knottenbelt, Professor of Medicine at the University's Small Animal Hospital.

The researchers also say that the health risks will still exist on animals although pet owners choose to smoke away from their pets.
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