Early Morning Smokers Have Higher Risk Of Cancer!

Smoking in the morning, especially with a cup of coffee, has become a ritual for some smokers that is hard to break. However, this practice need to be stopped because of smoking at the start of the day is more risky than smoking at day or night.

A research show that, smoking after waking up would increases the chance of lung cancer, neck, and head. "Early morning smokers had high levels of nicotine and other tobacco toxins in their bodies. They are also more addicted than smokers who refrain from smoking for 1/2 hour or so after waking up," said researcher Joshua Muscat from Penn State College of Medicine.

To know why there are smokers who were attacked by the cancer and not, Muscat and his team learned "is there any bearing on the chances of cancer with this habits of first cigarette in the morning?"

The first study involved 4775 patients with lung cancer and 2835 other smokers who did not have lung cancer. Those who smoke 30 minutes after waking up are at risk of 1.79 times higher of getting lung cancer compared with those who waited for over 60 minutes.

In addition, some people who smoke 31-60 minutes after waking up have a probability of 1.31 times compared with those who waited for at least an hour.

The second study involving 1055 people with brain and neck cancer and 795 people who smoking but did not suffer brain and neck cancer. Those who smoked over 30 minutes during "get up" moment are at risk of 1.59 times to suffer a brain and neck cancer compared with those who waited for an hour.

Some researchers suggested that the findings could help identify smokers who are at very high risk of lung cancer, brain and neck as well as benefit from targeted smoking cessation programs.

However, the possibility of cancer sufferers was always higher in those who still continue smoking habit at anytime.
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