The Myth That Makes Smokers Never Want To Quit Smoking

Delaying quitting smoking means your body is in increasing the exposed to the risk of serious disease. A lot of smokers who doesn't has the desire to quit smoking because of they clinging to the assumptions that are not necessarily true. Here are some myths that you probably believe as well.

The Myth That Makes Smokers Never Want To Quit Smoking

Myth 1: Smoking is not going to harm anyone other than the smoker themselves.

Fact: People who do not smoke, but are exposed to cigarette smoke or the so-called passive smokers, had a 30 percent higher risk of developing cancer than those not exposed to cigarrete smoke. In addition, passive smokers are also at risk for developing ischemic heart disease caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. Please aware of this serious issue dear smokers!

Myth 2: I have been smoking for so long so it's too late for me to repair the damage that has occurred.

Fact: It's never too late to quit smoking. Health damage to the organs caused by smoking is accumulative. The longer a person smokes, the negative impact will be higher. Based on research, a person's risk for experiencing poor health effects of smoking can be reduced by 90 percent if he quit smoking before the age of 35 years. In just a month, the process of breathing will feel more leverage. In addition, a smoker who has quit smoking about a year can reduce the risk of developing heart disease by 50 percent. So don't delay the process of quitting smoking!

Myth 3: Quitting smoking can make the body ache.

Fact: People who used to smoke in large numbers in the long term have generally been experiencing nicotine addiction. This leads to smokers who quit smoking experiencing certain conditions such as headache, cough, constipation, anxiety, or fatigue. This condition is a common situation and will improve in a matter of weeks. So any of these symptoms is not a disease, yet, the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal will be improve over time. Again, don't delay the process!

Myth 4: The risk of smoking will be decreased by switching to cigarettes labeled with "mild" or "light".

Fact: Every cigarette manufacturers have different standards regarding the levels that can be called high and low. A smoker who switches to products that claim to contain low tar and nicotine will feel that he has reduced the dangers of smoking. Unwittingly, smokers with nicotine addiction would automatically increase the number of cigarettes he smoked a day and inhale each cigarette more deeply to get the level of effect or a certain satisfaction. Therefore, whatever the type of cigarettes will have the same adverse effect.

Myth 5: Trying to quit smoking brings the stress out, so it is bad for the health.

Fact: Yest it is tue that quitting smoking will make the perpetrator feel stressed at the beginning. However the stress they felt generally does not last long and do not have long-term impact on smokers who are trying to quit. Eventually In fact those who quit smoking will also start to exercise and eat healthier to feel better about themselves.

Myth 6: Quitting smoking will make the smokers gain weight and it is not healthy.

Fact: Nicotine in cigarettes can increase calorie burning in the body and increases the body's metabolic rate, thus making the smokers lose their weight. In reality those who quit smoking have the potential to experience weight gain. This accretion can occur because when a person stops smoking, the body's metabolism returned to be normal. This change is a healthy thing as the body is no longer forced to work excessively. Just quit and begin a good quality exercise routine and you will get in shape. So stop complaining nonsense stuff please!

Myth 7: I've done other healthy habits that can reduce the impact of smoking.

Fact: Smoking can damage internal organs. You can not try to reduce such damage by adopting a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise and eating nutritious food. You must quit smoking. While you do not quit, no matter what you do, it is still worthless. Quit!

Myth 8: Quitting smoking will make me lose a friend.

Fact: Many smokers are reluctant to stop because of fearing the losing of more friends who are also smoke. But in reality, not all smokers will be such friends. On the contrary, if you explain your reasons to quit, your friends can support and even stimulated to try to quit with you.

Losing the moment of smoking with other smokers can make you feel lonely at first. However if you quit you can also get a chance to make new friends. You can do things that were previously difficult to do, such as a distance swimming or cycling without wheezing. You may also find friends in new areas that are healthier and supportive of your new lifestyle.

Myth 9: If I stop smoking, I will not be creative anymore.

Fact: There are lots of people who can accentuate their creativity without smoking. The difficulties to be creative can emerge from stress or symptoms felt in the early days of quitting. Remember that this condition is only temporary. The benefits of stopping smoking is far greater and longer compared to the stress or other symptoms which is only temporary. You can also turn your attention to other activities that may equally evoke creativity such as a discussion, a walk, watching a movie and etc.

Myth 10: I've been failed to quitting smoking before. Now there was no use for me to try again.

Fact: A lot of smokers finally succeeded in quitting smoking after trying repeatedly. Each time you fail, you learn from your mistakes and will try another tactic, so that getting close towards the success. Never ever give up!
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