Good Food To Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking has been proven to save a lot of negative effects on health. Not a few people choose to try to stop smoking. No doubt, it was not easy to escape from this habits.

Even though not easy, there are still a lot of tricks that you can try. One of them through the food you consume. Believe it or not, some foods can support you to stop smoking. The following is a row of food that you can consume while trying to quit smoking.

- Dairy Products
Research in 2007 found that smokers who consumed dairy products before they smoked cigarettes find that the flavor will be much bad compared to when they did not. Approximately 19 percent of people examined said that eating dairy products like milk or cheese make cigarettes taste more bitter. While alcohol, coffee and meat make cigarettes taste better.

Good Food To Help You Quit Smoking

- Fruits and Vegetables

Consuming fruits and vegetables before you smoke cigarettes also would make cigarettes taste bad so much. About 16 percent of those surveyed said that eating fruits and vegetables reduce their desire to smoke cigarettes. The cause is eating fruits and vegetables makes a person feel full longer. The relationship is often someone misinterpret hunger with the desire to smoke.

- Lollipop

When someone decides to quit smoking, they often have a desire to suck something in his mouth. Get a lollipop as a replacement is one of the tricks that you can use. But if you are concerned about excessive sugar consumption, you can keep your mouth stays busy by eating some healthy foods such as celery, cinnamon or chewing gum.

- Herbal Tea
If you are accustomed to eating coffee accompanied by a cigarette in the morning, then change your routine is one of the ways that was quite helpful. Try reducing coffee and tea will also be very helpful. Given that the drink will make you cigarettes taste better. You can replace it with a cup of herbal tea. Herbal tea will help you hydrated and help you more relaxed.
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